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Nagari Sunrise

Nagari Sunrise

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From the stunning tea plantations of Africa’s Kenya, this black tea is the perfect breakfast tea (or at any time of the day!)
This tea is smooth, sweet and complemented with elderberry, elderflower and calendula petals.
I have a farm called Nagari and we get the most beautiful sunrises. I blended this tea as it reminds me of those golden mornings, sitting on my verandah, watching the day begin and sipping that perfect cup.


Black tea, elderberry, elderflower and calendula petals. 

Hand-blended with imported ingredients.

Brewing Guide:

1 teaspoon at 90-100°C for 2-4 minutes. Milk may be added if desired.

Item Weight:

All Twig Tea teas come in standard size options, however, due to the ingredients in each tea, the actual weight of the tea varies. Nagari Sunrise contains 80g of loose-leaf tea. 

Jar: H 12cm x W 6.5cm

Refills: 80g


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Customer Reviews

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Nicole Bond
This is my favourite tea ever!

I’m really not good at explaining teas, but this black tea is just so delicious! I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of black teas, but this has won me over for my favourite. I swap out every now and then to give the other guys a go, but just keep coming back! Like a warm snuggly tea hug… Truly delish, give it a try!