About Us

Our Story

I created Twig Tea with unique hand crafted tea blends after a lot of research and cups of tea! My blends are inspired by what I love to drink. I wanted to create blends that are not only beautiful to drink but also for their aroma and visual appearance.

I have used beautiful glass jars, that are not only reuseable but you can see the tea in them. So when you go to make a tea, you can look at the blends and see which one appeals to you at that time. We eat with our eyes, so why not drink with them! The bamboo tins are also beautiful and look gorgeous on your kitchen bench or as a present.

Each blend has taken many hours to perfect and I’m sure you will be able to taste the difference. They are hand crafted using teas from some of the most exquisite tea plantations around the world and blended with the finest herbs, spices and fruits. No artifical flavours or colours are used in our teas.

I love the memories that come from drinking tea. Sharing a cup with my grandmothers before I was 10, the sweet, milky tea my sister loved, that first cup in the morning or that one in bed late at night with a great book or just having a cup of tea with family and friends. Tea is social, heart warming, a problem solver and a story starter. Tea can be drunk at anytime of the day, on any occasion or just because.

Tea making involves a ritual that is just as important as the tea drinking itself. From boiling the kettle, pouring the water over the leaves, watching the leaves unfurl, inhaling the aroma and savouring that first sip. 

However you drink your tea is how you love it and that’s why I created Twig Tea, tea to be enjoyed.  My brewing guides aren’t “rules” but guidelines on how to get the best from your tea. You might like it stronger or weaker, with or without milk.

I hope you enjoy the Twig Tea blends I have created.  They are crafted with the utmost care, dedication and passion, all for the love of Tea.

When you think tea, think Twig Tea. 

Warm regards, Kerry-Ann